Truck Tarp Systems Flex Bow Rods

Truck Tarp Systems Flex Bow Rods

Magna Plas Victoria is a leading manufacturer of components that contribute to truck tarp systems, specifically the Plastic Rod Flex Bow component used within the system.  We produce multiple items that contribute to the automotive, transport and logistics industry.

We manufacture from materials that are durable and impact resistant.  Our materials can produce products that are easy to shape and machine and have high chemical resistance. Along with durability, our material also has a long-life span in comparison to competing products.  The materials we use also have minimal to zero moisture absorption which can be an ideal aspect for the Transport and Logistics Industry.  We manufacture and make Flex Bows onsite from a high quality Plastic Grade Nylon PA 66.

These rods have high level performance under a great amount of pressure, but our high quality ensures they will not splinter. Our rods are used in several industries including Agriculture and Farming, Mining, Oil and Gas and Automotive and Logistics. 

Our range can include diameters of 35mm Flex Bows or 36mm Flex Bows with custom colour available upon request. 

Whether you need to replace your Truck Tarp Flex Bows or wish to supply your customers with a high quality option, contact us today and we will be more than happy to assist. 

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