Marina And Jetty Dock Bumper

Marina And Jetty Dock Bumper


Magna Plas Pty Ltd Victoria produces high quality D-Section Bumper Protection Rods. They are also referred to as D-Section Bumpers, Dock Fenders or Marine Docking Bumpers.  Magna Plas is committed to quality control and has complete dedication regarding the start to finish process of making our products.  Our extruded rod and machined plastics are made from high quality material onsite at our Victorian Manufacturing Plant based on the Mornington Peninsula. 

As the direct manufacturer of D-Section Docking Bumpers, our D-Section Rod is exceptional for the use of providing protection to jetties, marinas, pontoons, boat ramps and piers.  We have the capability to completely customise the colour of your D-Section Bumper.  Bold and bright for the purpose to alert marine vessles to the structure or colours in line with business colours or environmental surroundings.  

What is a D-Section Bumper Dock Fender?  At Magna Plas Victoria, our goal is to provide protection from marine vessels including boats and personal watercrafts such as jet skis.  These vessels that come into contact with jetties, marinas, pontoons and piers and slowly damage timber and materials used to build these structures.  In turn, the environment that these structures are built in are exposed to the elements.  Once exposure from the elements is evident, such as dented or damaged timber, this can determine the life span of the structure and ultimately decay it quicker.  Our D-Section provides the protection between marine vessel contact and structure ensuring the boats and personal watercrafts come into contact with our rod barrier first, before damaging the structure.  Our rod barrier also reduces the risk of damage to the boat as it limits the removal in damage of scuffs or scratching paint. 

Our D-Section Rod is made from the same materials as our boat trailer products.  This means that the product is specifically designed to reduce damage to marine vessels. As an example, our boat trailer products are designed for maximum protection to boats when launching or retrieving your boat.  This includes when retrieving or launching your boat, the water delivers momentum and it may cause forceful contact between boat and trailer.  However, our materials ensure no scuffing, scratching or damage to the exterior of the boat.  The same theory applies to our D-Section Rod.  The same material use ensures reduced forceful impact to the marine vessels, all while serving its purpose of protecting the jetty, marina, pontoon or pier structure.

Magna Plas Pty Ltd Victoria have an extensive and wide range on offer and are here to assist you with quality advice, competitive prices and a high level of customer service. 

Our range includes:

  • Two size ranges available (common selection size 50mm x 100mm)
  • Up to 12m lengths available


  • Colour options include natural, black, grey, brown, blue, red, green and yellow
  • A custom colour can be arranged

Magna Plas Pty Ltd Victoria have an extensive and wide range on offer and are here to assist you with quality advice, competitive prices and a high level of customer service. 

If you require a sample of any of our products, please contact our office today on 03 5979 4222. 

We will be happy to provide you with quality advice or alternatively visit our office at 1/7 Bray Street, Hastings for a full demo range.  

Disclaimer │ Please note:  While all care is taken into the design of our D Section Jetty Rod Barrier, depending on the level of impact made by the marine vessel, there is no guarantee there will be zero damage to the marine vessel.  Our product is designed to prolong the life of the structure such as a jetty, pier or pontoon and reduce the level of damage that can be made by impact without the Rod Barrier. 

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