Polypropylene is an economical material that has great resistance to chemicals, impact and scratching while also combining properties such as resistance to moisture and oxygen permeation.  The combination allows it to be used successfully in several industries.  Polypropylene has a high strength capability and a higher temperature rating than Polyethylene and combines properties of exceptional thermal, chemical electrical and mechanical properties that are not found in any other thermoplastic. 

Polypropylene has a high resistance to chemicals and is often used in food grade environments.  It is a thermoplastic polymer and has a high resistance to impact and fatigue.   Like our HDPE Polyethylene Magnalene, Polypropylene is versatile and has multiple uses within the plastics manufacturing industry.


  • High impact strength and toughness
  • Chemical resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Weldable
  • Heat and Fatigue resistant
  • Has excellent properties when used for electrical insulation
  • Food Grade and frequently used in food storage manufacturing
  • Higher scratch resistant in comparison to HDPE
  • Thermoformable
  • Moisture resistant and very low water absorption


  • Piping systems
  • Marine Boating trailer parts and components including skids and bunks
  • Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Industry including laboratory equipment
  • Water reclamation including water treatment plants
  • Construction industry use including wall cladding and signage
  • Food production and food handling products


  • Extruded │ Sizes available from 10mm to 200mm dia.
  • Colour options for Magnalon profiles include natural, black, grey, blue, red and yellow
  • A custom colour can also be arranged

Magna Plas Victoria’s onsite CNC Machine Workshop has the capability of producing for you high volume standard parts or custom machined components. Please do not hesitate to let us know what you need regarding Polypropylene CNC machined parts.

Magna Plas Victoria extrudes our Polypropylene plastic onsite, allowing us to be committed to providing you with your plastic needs in an efficient manner.  We are here to help with your requirements and are happy to discuss any customer requests or enquiries with a high level of customer service.  We appreciate you supporting local manufacturing and would be happy to discuss any products you require, including custom Polypropylene extruded profiles.

Please contact us with any drawings or enquiries you may have, we can provide you with high quality advice and a high level of customer service to ensure your needs are met when ordering with us. If you require a non-obligation quote, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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